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Electrical Tests

Thermal imaging electrical testOur electrical inspections are second to none. We inspect anything from HV/LV switchgear to bulbar sections to UPS switchgear and cells under discharge. We offer load readings for supply and circuits, fault rating system to gauge the severity of the fault and remedial recommendations

The whole inspection is recorded and produced onto a CD which records spot and high temperatures in the top part of the screen. This ensures that every component inspected is held on record in IR. A hard copy report is produced which contains all thermal anomalies found and a selection of sample images for baseline purposes.

The sample images below indicate some potential electrical failures

HT / LT Transformers

Thermal Imaging services - electrical testing

The Thermal images of the Transformer indicates its temperature
profile.The cooling fins showed up hot spots which indicated a fault
in the transformer which in turn was affecting the efficiency of the
cooling system.
Compressor Number Starter

Thermal Imaging services - electrical testing
The lug terminal was operating at 152C. This terminal and contactor were in a serious condition and were reported for immediate repair.

I.I.F. Lab Lighting

        Thermal Imaging services - electrical testing

Here the Thermal Image showed up a fault at the top right fuse terminal. The fuse holder needed to be repalced

DP4 Board

Thermal Imaging services - electrical testing
The top terminals of the overload were operating at a much higher temperature and needed to be tightened.

Switch Room MCB Board Fault

       Thermal Imaging services - electrical testing
The terminals of the MCB was operating at 84C. This MCB needs to be replaced as soon as possible.