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Building Energy Rating

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) was transposed into Irish law in January 2002. The objective of the EPBD is to promote the improvement of the energy performance of buildings across the EU through cost effective measures. As part of the EPBD, the Building Energy Rating (BER) scheme was introduced throughout Europe.
The BER scheme is a means of testing and grading all buildings on their energy efficiency and environmental performance.Building Energy Rating Certificate

In compliance with the EPBD a BER Certificate, which will express the energy consumption of the building, must be made available to the prospective buyers or tenants when a building is sold, rented or on completion of a new building.
A BER Certificate is a visual representation of the energy performance of a building on a colour coded chart. A green A1 rating is the most efficient and a red G being the least efficient rating.
Thus the BER label is in effect a tag which indicates the efficiency level of the building.
The BER is expressed in Kilowatt-hours per square metre of floor area per year (kWh/M 2 /year). The BER certificate will also show the buildings carbon emissions in Kilograms per square metre of floor area per annum (kgCO 2 /M 2 /year).

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