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Fixed Wiring Inspection, Survey & Report

Fixed electrical wiring testing and inspection servicesA fixed electrical installation includes all parts of a distribution system from the main incoming supply point, through to wiring accessories such as sockets and light fittings – and everything in-between. Because the majority of this part of the installation is unseen, it is often forgotten in terms of test and inspection. The fact is that it is vitally important that all wires, cables, accessories and switching equipment are maintained well in order to ensure safety.
The process involves a similar process to that of PAT, in that a thorough visual inspection is carried out along with electronic tests. Engineers are looking to identify any potentially dangerous defects within the system that may lead to fire or injury.

After an initial visual inspection, several electronic tests are carried out by injected test voltages and current through the system, to determine the integrity and functionality of cables, accessories and disconnection devices. This form of test and inspection is paramount to safety in the workplace.

Your Fixed Wire Report

Inspection and testing of an electrical installation generates a Periodic Inspection Report which is a condition report created from the testing results and will normally consist of;

  • Thermal Imaging Services Bullet Point Client information and details of the installation
  • Thermal Imaging Services Bullet Point Supply characteristics and Earthing arrangements
  • Thermal Imaging Services Bullet Point Observation and recommendations
  • Thermal Imaging Services Bullet Point Extent and limitations of testing
  • Thermal Imaging Services Bullet Point Summary of the inspection
  • Thermal Imaging Services Bullet Point Inspection and test schedules